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Top 13 Warehouse Automation Companies Can Help You Prepare For The Future Of Automation

Warehouse automation is one of the key technologies that are helping to shape the future of manufacturing. Warehousing is a process where goods are organized and stored so they can be easily accessed. Automation helps to make this process more efficient, ensuring that products get to their destination as quickly as possible.

In this blog post, we will explore 13 warehouse automation companies that can help you prepare for the future of automation. By understanding which companies are paving the way for future automation adoption, you can ensure that your business is ready for change regarding warehousing.

warehouse automation

What is automation and why is it important?

Automation is an important part of today’s manufacturing and logistics operations. It allows businesses to save time and money by performing tasks automatically.

The benefits of automation are obvious, but its impact on the future of business is also significant. Automation will increasingly play a role in everything from warehouse management to customer service.

Types of automation

There are a variety of automation technologies available to warehouse managers, and the right solution depends on the organization’s specific needs. Here are three types of automation:

  • Order picking and packing robots

    These machines help pick and pack products according to customer orders. They can be used in large warehouses or small businesses with limited staffing.

  • Warehouse management systems (WMS)

    These software programs are designed to manage all aspects of a warehouse, from inventory management to order fulfillment. They can be expensive, but they can save money by manually automating tasks that employees currently perform.

  • Computer vision algorithms

    This warehouse automation relies on computer vision technology to identify objects and their locations within a warehouse environment. This technology is becoming more popular as it becomes easier for machines to analyze images.

  • Auto-Pilot Systems

    These systems automatically manage certain processes in a warehouse, such as picking, packing, and shipping. They’re typically used for large warehouses with multiple rows of shelves. Auto-Pilot systems can be expensive to set up and maintain, but they can save you time and money in the long run.

  • Robotics and Automation

    This type of automation uses robotics or other automated machines to perform tasks like picking, sorting, and packing. Robotics and automation can be more expensive to buy than auto-pilot systems, but they’re often more practical because they can handle larger quantities of goods quickly and efficiently.

warehouse automation

  • RFID Systems

    RFID (radio frequency identification) is a technology that uses tiny tags to track products throughout a warehouse. This helps you track where products are located and how much space they take up on shelves. RFID systems are relatively affordable to install, but it can take time to learn how to use them effectively.

  • Computer Vision Systems

    Computer vision systems allow warehouse operators to scan barcodes on product packages to detect information like brand names and SKUs (stock-keeping units). The system then uses this information to automate tasks like picking or packing.

Why would a warehouse want to automate?

Warehouses are always looking for ways to reduce the time it takes to do tasks and increase efficiency. Warehouse Automation can help with both of those goals. By automating certain tasks, warehouses can free up workers to do more important work. And by making tasks more efficient, warehouses can reduce the amount of space they need, saving money on costs like rent or equipment.

There are a number of different types of automation that warehouses may want to consider. Some common options include:

  • Robotics

    Robotics technologies have revolutionized manufacturing over the past few decades, and they’ve also started to make their way into warehousing. Robots are especially good at repetitive tasks, which makes them a perfect fit for warehouse operations that involve moving large objects around frequently.

  • Motion Detection & Sensing

    Motion detection and sensing is another common type of warehouse automation technology. This system uses sensors to detect when something moves and then takes appropriate action (like triggering a robotic arm). This type of system is particularly good at handling hazardous materials safely.

  • Computers & Software

    Warehouses also use computers and software to automate tasks. These tools allow warehouse managers to track inventory levels and perform other management functions from a remote location. They also allow warehouses to take advantage of advances in computing technology so that automation can be updated as new software becomes available.

warehouse automation

How do you choose the right automation company for your business?

When it comes to automation, there are a variety of options available to businesses, depending on their needs and budget. Some companies specialize in specific areas of automation, such as picking or packing. Other companies provide a suite of services that can be mixed and matched to create the perfect automation solution for your business.

To choose the right warehouse automation company for your business, it’s important to take into account your specific needs. Here are some questions you should ask:

  • What types of products do you handle?
  • How much inventory do you have?
  • How frequently do you need to make changes to your list?
  • What kind of automation solutions are available?
  • How much did each one cost?
  • How quickly could each one be implemented?
  • Would I need help from the company during implementation?

Once you’ve answered these questions, it’ll be easier to decide which company best suits your needs. Many reputable companies exist, so feel free of what’s listed here. Talk to several companies and find the one that best suits your needs.

Top 13 warehouse-automation companies

To prepare for the future of automation, you need to invest in the right solutions. Here are some of the top automation companies:

  1. Logistiview warehouse-automation

In the world of automation, there is no stopping the future. automation companies see an increase in business due to the growing popularity of e-commerce and the increasing demand for speed and efficiency in the supply chain. These companies can help you prepare for the future of automated warehouses by assisting you in improving your organization’s processes and systems. This can include everything from porting over old manual processes to creating new automated ones.

Above all, these companies understand that automation isn’t a one-time solution – it’s a continuous process that must be managed carefully to ensure reliability and compliance. By working with a top warehouse automation company, you can ensure that your organization stays ahead of the curve as technology continues to evolve.

warehouse automation

  1. Lucas Robotics warehouse-automation

Looking to keep up with the ever-changing world of automation? Here are five leading automation companies that can help you prepare for the future of robotics:

  • Mazor Robotics
  • Schaft Robotics
  • ABB Robotics
  • Toyota Industries Ltd. Automation Division (TILAD)
  • International Business Machines Corporation (IBM)
  1. Geek+ warehouse-automation

Warehouse automation is a rapidly growing industry that can help businesses save time and money. These companies can help you prepare for the future of automation by automating processes and making your warehouse more efficient. Here are five of the best automation companies:

  • ABB
  • Fanuc
  • KPMG
  • Microsoft Corp
  • Dell Technologies
  1. Westfalia Technologies, Inc. warehouse-automation

Westfalia Technologies, Inc. is a leading provider of warehouse automation solutions. They provide software and hardware to help you manage your warehouses more efficiently and effectively. Their solutions can help you prepare for the future of automation by making your warehouse more efficient and able to handle larger volumes. They offer a variety of solutions that can help you modernize your warehouse and enable you to automate tasks such as order fulfillment, picking, packing, and shipping. Westfalia Technologies’ solutions are reliable and easy to use, making them ideal for both large and small businesses.

  1. Seegrid warehouse-automation

Are you looking to get ahead of the automation curve? Check out these top automation companies.

As more and more businesses shift towards automation, it’s important to have a company on your side that can help keep your operations running smoothly. Here are four of the most popular warehouse automation companies.

warehouse automation

MRC Worldwide

MRC Worldwide is a leading provider of warehouse management software and services. With over 25 years of experience, they’re experts in helping businesses automate their storage and distribution processes.

  • NetSuite

NetSuite is one of the world’s largest cloud-based enterprise software suite providers. They offer an extensive suite of solutions for managing business data, including warehousing and inventory management.

  • Instacart

Instacart is a startup that has quickly become one of the leading providers of automated grocery delivery services. Their platform uses sophisticated algorithms to order and deliver products from local stores in minutes without having to leave home or wait in line.

  • The robotic arm specialist iRobot

iRobot specializes in designing and manufacturing robotics for industrial applications, including warehousing & logistics. Their Robocup series is a popular choice for manufacturers who want to test their devices before installing them in large-scale production environments.

  1. SnapFulfil warehouse-automation

You’re not alone if you’re wondering what automation will mean for your business. In fact, according to a recent study by software company Object Management Group (OMG), almost two-thirds of businesses still need a clear plan for how they’ll use automation in the future.

Fortunately, plenty of companies can help you prepare for the future of automation. Here are five of the top warehouse automation companies:

  • Automation Warehouse Technologies (AWT)

AWT is known for its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions and offers automated warehouse systems. These systems allow businesses to track and manage inventory more efficiently, which can help them save money on costs like inventory management and shipping.

  • General Data Processing (GDP)

GDP is one of the world’s oldest and most well-known warehouse automation companies. It offers a wide range of solutions, including automated storage and retrieval systems and robotics technology that can help businesses reduce costs associated with manual labor.

  • Lightspeed Systems Incorporated (Lightspeed)

Lightspeed is another leading warehouse automation company. Its solutions allow businesses to automate their logistics processes and optimize operations to improve efficiency and lower costs.

Solutions include robots that can pick and pack products quickly and efficiently and advanced barcode scanning systems that make it easier for businesses to identify products and track inventory levels more accurately.

warehouse automation

  1. TGW Systems Inc. warehouse-automation

TGW Systems Inc is a leading provider of warehouse automation solutions. They offer a variety of solutions that can help you prepare for the future of automation. Their software can help you manage your inventory, optimize workflow, and improve efficiency. TGW Systems Inc also offers consulting services to help you start with automation. They can help you identify where automation will benefit your business and recommend the best solution.

  1. Vecna Robotics warehouse-automation

Are you looking to get ahead of the automation curve? Vecna Robotics has you covered. We provide warehouse automation technology to help your business automate and manage operations more effectively, reducing expenses and boosting efficiency. Our solutions include robotics systems for picking, sorting, packing, and shipping, as well as advanced analytics and software that can help you optimize your workflow. Contact us today to learn more about how Vecna Robotics can help you automate your warehouse!

  1. Verity AG warehouse-automation

Verity AG is a leading provider of automation and solutions. With years of experience in the industry, Verity can help you prepare for the future of automation.

One of the key trends in automation is the move to robotics. Robotics allows warehouses to operate more efficiently and with fewer errors, which can lead to greater efficiency and improved customer service.

Verity offers solutions that can help you automate your warehouse and make it more efficient. Our products include robotic pickers, distribution systems, and software for warehouse management. We also offer training and support so that you can get the most out of our products.

Contact us today to learn more about how Verity can help you automate your warehouse and improve your operations!

  1. Grey Orange warehouse-automation

Grey Orange, the leading provider of warehouse automation software, has released its latest report on the future of automation. The report predicts that warehouses will be 90% automated within the next ten years. Machines will handle standard warehouse tasks such as picking, packing, and shipping.

The benefits of automation are clear. Warehouses can be run more efficiently and with less staff, freeing up resources for other tasks. Automation also reduces the risk of injuries and provides a safer work environment.

To prepare for the future of automation, businesses need to adopt Grey Orange’s warehousing software. This software helps automate routine tasks so that warehouses can focus on more important activities. By automating simple tasks, businesses can reduce costs and improve efficiency while increasing safety and productivity.

  1. 3M – 3M warehouse-automation

3M – 3M is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and providers of industrial and medical supplies. They have a wide range of products and services, including automated warehouse systems (AWS). Their AWS offers many features such as barcode scanning, automatic packing, notification alerts, and tracking capabilities.

  1. SAP – SAP warehouse-automation

SAP – SAP is one of the world’s largest software companies, with a portfolio that includes enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and warehouse management systems (WMS). Their WMS offers features such as order processing, inventory management, material tracking, and order fulfillment.

  1. Oracle warehouse automation

Oracle is one of the world’s dominant database providers. They have a wide range of products, including warehouse management systems (WMS). Their WMS offers features such as order processing, inventory management, material tracking, order fulfillment, shipment tracking, and more.

warehouse automation

Benefits of automation for warehouses

There are many benefits to automation for warehouses, including increased efficiency and productivity, reduced labor costs, and increased safety. Here are a few examples of how automation can help your business:

  • Increased Efficiency and Productivity

Automation can increase efficiency and productivity in your warehouse by eliminating the need for human labor. This can save you time and money, while also helping to ensure that your products reach their destination on time.

  • Reduced Labor Costs

warehouse automation can also reduce labor costs by automating certain tasks. This can free workers to focus on more challenging tasks, resulting in lower wages and improved morale. In addition, it can improve safety in the workplace by reducing the number of injuries caused by accidents or errors.

  • Increased Safety

Automation can also improve safety in your warehouse by reducing the number of accidents or errors. Automating certain tasks can reduce the risk of human error, leading to safer workplaces overall.


Automation is changing the way we do business, and as a result, warehouse automation companies that can help you prepare for this future are in high demand. With robots and other automation tools slowly but surely taking over more and more tasks in warehouses, it’s important to find a company that can help your organization stay ahead of the curve. Our top 13 warehouse automation companies can provide just that – so if you’re looking to improve efficiency and reduce costs while preparing for the future of automation, contact one of them today!

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