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10 Best Remote Jobs in 2023 That Will Give You The Freedom You Desire

Online employment is very common these days.

A quick visit to Facebook, YouTube, or your preferred website will reveal many advertisements for remote jobs opportunities that ANYONE can take.


Remote jobs


But is it simple to find complete- or part-time jobs/remote jobs you can do from home?

How exactly can you distinguish between legitimate online jobs/remote jobs and scams?

These are excellent questions, and I’m here to help you find the answers.

To help you choose the remote jobs that’s best for you, I’ve put together a list of reputable, tested opportunities.

Are you prepared to learn how to work from home and earn a living?

Let’s start now!

The Top 10 Remote Jobs for 2023

The remote jobs listed below are ideal if you’re looking for a side business you can do in your free time.

These positions are excellent for students, parents who stay at home, and anyone who isn’t quite ready to leave their day job.

To be clear, you can choose to work full-time at the majority of these occupations as well. However, if you don’t have much free time, they can easily fit into your busy schedule and serve as a reliable source of extra cash.

  1. Product Analyzer

Product Analyzer Remote job in 2023

Careers analyzing products online

Pay Scale: $10 to $20 an hour.

Required education and experience

There is no need for training or prior expertise.

Position Description

Companies want to know how well a product performs and how it may be improved before launching it. So they use firms that pay individuals to test their products and offer feedback.

Here is where you step in.

A product testing business like PinchMe will offer you things you may test and review once you register. If you agree, they will send you the goods and instructions outlining what you are expected to accomplish.

They typically ask you to complete a survey or offer additional feedback after you test the product. They will either give you the thing in return or pay you in cash or gift cards.

Although you probably won’t earn enough as a product tester to leave your day job, it’s a simple side gig that can help you supplement your income.


Product testing businesses send out many emails, which can quickly fill your inbox. To avoid this, create a different email. You should open a unique email address just for your product testing job.

Businesses value reviewers who pay attention to detail and provide thoughtful input. You’ll get more testing opportunities of remote jobs the more beneficial your reviews are.

Safeguard your reputation by knowing that testing businesses maintain profiles on every product tester. They will send you more opportunities if you answer quickly and leave positive evaluations. However, if you gain a terrible reputation, you’ll be blacklisted.

Are You the One for This?

You should like experimenting with and using new things if you are curious.

Analytical: You must be able to evaluate each product to see how effectively it accomplishes its goals and where it may be made better.

Empathetic: To test and review a product effectively, you must comprehend who the product is for and how they utilize it.

Where to Look for Work

Join a product testing organization like PinchMe.

Getting Started as a Product Tester


  1. Blogger

Online jobs for blogger in 2023

Blogger remote jobs

Pay Scale: $1 per month for each subscriber.

Required education and experience

There is no need for formal education, but you should be knowledgeable and experienced in your subject.

Position Description

Blogging can be for you if you love to write and are enthusiastic about a particular subject.

Running a blog is essentially running a website about a particular subject. Bloggers produce written, visual content for their audiences that amuses, educates and benefits them.

There are numerous ways for bloggers to make money, including:

The development and marketing of online courses that instruct people on a skill

the provision of services such as coaching or freelancing

Affiliate marketing (profit-sharing sales of other people’s goods)


You’ll need to invest in a website host like SiteGround (affiliate link), register a domain name with a service like Namecheap (affiliate link), and pick a content management system like WordPress to start blogging.

However, blogging is not a quick way to get rich. Most blogs take a year or longer to start making money. Therefore, before you commit, be sure that you are prepared to remain with it for the long term.


Create a subscriber list because it is the foundation of any blog to have email subscribers. They’re the most effective marketing channel and the way to expand your blog.

Formulate a plan: The secret to earning money as a blogger is to choose a worthwhile subject, decide how you want to earn money from your blog, and then formulate a plan.

Are You the One for This?

Persistence: Are you able to persevere long enough to begin earning money?

Organization: There are a lot of moving components in blogging. You’ll need a system to keep things organized and up to date.

Passion: Blogging is more effective when the author is enthusiastic about the subject.

You’ll need to develop writing and content creation abilities to produce content that readers and search engines will enjoy.

  1. Instagram Ads Manager

Instagram ads manager remote jobs in 2023

Remote jobs postings on Facebook

Pay Scale: $1,000 to $2,000 a month for each client.

Required education and experience

No formal training is necessary. A background in Facebook advertising is required (but can be learned)

Position Description

Most businesses know that Facebook advertising is an excellent approach to getting leads and consumers. However, they are unsure how to design practical advertising efforts and are reluctant to waste money.

You will build and manage Facebook Ad campaigns for these businesses as a Facebook Advertising Manager. Your task is to generate leads and sales for them efficiently.

You’ll design landing pages, targeting strategies, pictures, and ad language. After that, analyze the data to determine how to improve your adverts. You will also produce monthly reports to show your clients where their money is going and why it is in their best interest to keep paying you.

Customers will pay you a monthly retainer to design, oversee, and improve their advertising efforts. Clients often pay Facebook Ad Managers between $100 and $2,000 each month (plus the cost of the ads). Others get paid a percentage of their advertisements’ revenue or lead. Depending on your skill level, either one could be financially rewarding.

Ad campaigns typically require a lot of work when they are first created, but they can be managed in just a few hours daily. Depending on how many clients you take on, the remote jobs can be managed either part- or full-time.


Focus on one area of expertise: designing effective Facebook ads for an e-commerce business differs from doing so for a consulting business. Success is modelled by studying successful Facebook ad examples and emulating them.

Are You the One for This?

Marketing expertise: You must develop effective marketing strategies and ad campaigns.

Creative: You’ll be responsible for developing compelling ad language and graphics.

Analytical: You must comprehend ad metrics and which metrics are crucial to your campaign’s objectives and how to enhance them.

Where to Look for Work




Become connected in real and online communities

Make cold calls to small local companies


  1. Specialist in PPC

PPC Specialist remote jobs in 2023

Remote jobs for PPC expert

Pay Scale: between $1000 and $2,000 per client per month

Required education and experience

No formal training is necessary. Experience in developing PPC ads is required (but can be learned)

Position Description

PPC (pay-per-click) specialists design and oversee search engine advertising programs on behalf of other companies.

Businesses are aware of the value of PPC Ads but cannot take advantage of them, just like with Facebook Ads.

You will receive a monthly advertising budget from clients to use for their marketing initiatives. In search engines like Google and Bing, you’ll choose the keywords to target and develop ads that draw customers to your clients.

A significant amount of work is required when producing and running ads. But after that, managing the monitoring of advertising campaigns will only take a few hours every day.

You’ll be required to produce monthly reports at the end of each month to show the success of your advertising initiatives and convince clients that hiring you is a good investment.

You can earn more money by taking on additional clients. You can accept as many clients as your workload, and financial requirements demand.


Focus on a specific market: designing effective PPC ads for an e-commerce company varies from doing so for a consulting business.

Success is modelled by studying successful PPC ad samples and emulating them.

Are You the One for This?

Marketing and advertising expertise: You must be able to design effective ad campaigns in Google and Bing.

Creative: You are in charge of writing compelling ad copy.

Analytical: To learn how to make more powerful advertisements, you must be able to analyze data from advertising campaigns.

Where to Look for Work




Become connected in natural and online communities

Call local companies on the phone


  1. Transcriptionist

Online typing remote job in 2023

Online typing remote jobs

Pay Scale: $8 to $53 an hour.

Required education and experience

No formal training is necessary.

You ought to register for a certificate program in transcription.

Position Description

Many people would instead read a written form of content than watch a video or listen to audio (aka a transcript). A transcriptionist can help with that.

You will turn an audio or video file into a transcript while working as a transcriptionist. They’ll either pay you a set rate for each transcript or an hourly rate.

There are many different types of transcriptionists, including general, legal, and medical ones. Each type has particular characteristics and demands. Some (like the legal and medical fields) demand specialized education and licensing to be eligible for positions.

However, you can sign up with a transcription company that recruits novices to start immediately. They will find you remote jobs that pay range from $6 to $25 per hour.

Depending on how much work your schedule will allow, transcription can be managed either part- or full-time.


Use a foot pedal for transcription to make pausing, fast-forwarding, and rewinding easier without using your hands.

Use headphones so you can hear the dialogue occasionally uttered hastily or incoherently.

Choose a focused niche: Decide on a niche to concentrate on. The more complicated transcribing specialities, such as medical transcription, pay better.

Are You the One for This?

Fast typist: To complete more tasks, land more remote jobs, and earn more money, you must be able to type swiftly.

Good listening skills: People speak quickly, and the audio quality is occasionally poor. You’ll need to have a keen ear for language.

Focused: As a transcriptionist, many of your tasks will be lengthy and pertain to subjects that you aren’t interested in. You must be able to maintain your attention throughout.

You’ll need to translate assignments into language that is well-written, with good grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

Where to Look for Work








  1. Writer

Content writer remote jobs in 2023

Remote jobs for Writer

Pay Scale: From $0.04 to $1.00 per word

Required education and experience

There is no need for training or prior expertise.

Position Description

A freelance writer is someone who accepts payment for their writing services. Businesses and media use freelance writers as independent contractors to produce content, including ghostwritten articles, features, ebooks, ads, product copy, and more.

You must first find writing tasks by responding to remote jobs advertisements or approaching potential clients directly. When you accept a remote jobs, the customer and you will agree on the project’s parameters and your compensation.

The client will compensate you for your efforts after the project has been finished and accepted. Your customers will pay you a flat rate or a cost per word for finishing each task.

You can earn more money by taking on more assignments.

A laptop (or another writing device), a word processor (such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs), and at least one writing sample are required to get started as a freelance writer.

Anyone looking for full- or part-time work should consider freelancing. You are free to take on as many tasks as your schedule allows and finish them whenever you like (so long as deadlines are met).


Don’t focus on writing about particular subjects or particular niches when you’re just starting and acquiring experience. It’s best to avoid specializing in any subject, industry, or speciality in the early stages of your writing career. Your top priority should be gaining experience and developing your portfolio.

Later, you should consider specialization. This is why

The money is in the niches: Eventually, you’ll come across clients looking for independent content creators with expertise in their particular area (B2B, healthcare, etc.). (articles, ebooks, etc.). These remote jobs frequently offer better remuneration. When you’re ready, focus on one sector and one to three types of material.

Create a strong portfolio: A portfolio with excellent writing examples is the key to expanding your clientele and increasing your prices.

Learn about content marketing: Content marketing accounts for most freelance writing remote jobs (creating website content for businesses and blogs). You should be able to produce material that is search-engine friendly.

Are You the One for This?

Study: To write freelance, you must conduct extensive research on the subjects of your projects. You should like doing research and be skilled at it.

You should be proficient in spelling, punctuation, and syntax when writing. You must also be able to write persuasively and hold readers’ attention.

Time management: Writing for a living involves writing, editing, and research. You need to be able to manage your time if you want to fulfil deadlines efficiently.

Where to Look for Work

Board for Smart Blogger remote jobs


The remote jobs Page at ProBlogger



Become connected in natural and online communities


  1. Proofreader

Proofreading remote jobs in 2023

Remote jobs for proofreading

Pay Scale: $10 to $45 an hour.

Required education and experience

No formal training is necessary. A lot of proofreaders are educated in English or a closely related subject.

Position Description

Are you the type of person who always finds mistakes in books? Then proofreading might be your calling!

Before a piece of text is published, a proofreader must find and correct any spelling, grammar, and punctuation issues. They edit all forms of content, including novels, transcripts, and product descriptions.

Typically, independent proofreaders will bill clients in one of three ways:

A set fee for every project

A charge per hour, such as $20 per hour

A price per word (e.g., $20 for 500 words)

The initial stages of freelance proofreading don’t call for any particular equipment. But it’s best to have a few tools at your disposal. This can involve using grammar and punctuation guidelines for writers (affiliate link), style manuals for your particular industry, dictionaries, or grammar checkers like Grammarly.

An excellent source of full- or part-time income is proofreading. You can accept as many assignments as your schedule permits and finish them whenever it is most convenient for you.


Focus on a specific niche: Each content has its guidelines and best practices. Clients would expect you to be familiar with these best practices and have previous experience producing material similar to theirs.

Work more swiftly: To earn more money, you’ll need to be able to proofread and modify documents quickly so you can accept more tasks.

Create a solid client base to boost your rates after you have a strong client base.

Are You the One for This?

Pay close attention to the details; you’ll need to be able to find and correct even the most minor mistakes in writing.

Reading is central to this work, which it does with passion. Necessary is a love of reading.

Command of spelling, grammar, and punctuation: Since it’s your responsibility to correct any spelling, grammar, or punctuation mistakes, you’ll need to be familiar with these concepts.

Focus: To avoid missing errors and submitting subpar work, you’ll need to be able to filter out any outside distractions and concentrate solely on the project at hand.

Where to Look for Work

  • Upwork
  • Freelancer.com
  • LinkedIn
  • Businesses needing proofreaders are connected with proofreaders through remote jobs sites like Cactus and ProofreadingServices.com.
  1. Data Entry Specialist

Data entry remote jobs in 2023

Online data entry remote jobs

Pay Scale: $15 to $50 an hour.

Required education and experience

GED or a high school diploma knowing the type of data entry software you’ll employ. Certain data entry positions call for certification.

Position Description

An individual specialising in data entry enters data into a database or documentation system.

It’s not glitzy. However, look no further if you’re seeking a straightforward and reliable internet remote jobs.

You must input data into simple programs like Microsoft Word or Excel to perform basic data entry remote jobs. Data cleansing is the process of deleting inaccurate data from a database, which may be a component of other operations.

However, specific data input tasks are trickier than others. Data entry, known as “medical coding”, calls for converting medical information into specific alphanumeric codes used in medical databases. These positions undoubtedly demand specialized knowledge.

For each project, most data entry tasks pay a set cost.

An excellent full- or part-time remote jobs is in data entry. A computer and a widely used data entry tool like Microsoft Office are all you need to start working in entry-level positions. Simple data entry tasks pay well and may be completed whenever your schedule permits.


  • The more sophisticated data entry remote jobs pay more, but they also take more time to complete.
  • Learn to work swiftly to earn more money by taking on more remote jobs.

Are You the One for This?

Meticulous: When entering data, even minor errors might cause significant issues. To succeed, you’ll need to pay close attention to detail.

Organization: Effective time and project management skills are needed to handle enormous amounts of data and many projects.

Computer expertise is necessary because most contemporary data entry jobs are performed on computers.

Typing Speed: You’ll need good typing speed to finish more assignments and get work done quickly.

Where to Look for Remote Jobs Work

  • Upwork
  • Freelancer.com
  • LinkedIn
  • Join organizations that offer data input work, such as ClickWorker and Axion Data Services.
  1. Virtual teacher

Virtual Teacher remote jobs in 2023

Remote jobs virtual tutor

Pay Scale: $12 to $30 an hour.

Required education and experience

A degree and prior professional experience in the field of study may be necessary for more complex subjects. It might also be necessary to have training or teaching experience.

Position Description

Do you take pleasure in assisting others in overcoming academic obstacles or achieving academic success? Virtual tutoring can be your ideal employment!

The market for private tutoring topped $102 billion in 2018. And since then, it has only gotten worse, especially with the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

You will assist students with difficulty with their coursework as a tutor. Some tutors assist students in getting ready for particular exams, such as the ACT. Some merely assist students with their schoolwork.

For their services, tutors determine their hourly charges. Either work directly with clients and keep all of your earnings, or work via a firm like Classgap that will take a cut of your fees.

A teleconferencing platform, such as Google Meet or Zoom, is necessary for every online tutor. However, you can need more online tutoring resources depending on the subject and tutoring style. You’ll also need a strong internet connection to prevent losing your internet connection in the middle of a class.

Online tutoring is a fantastic source of part-time income for people with busy schedules who can’t commit to a complete teaching program.

You can work with anyone, regardless of where they are. Anyone in the United States or other countries can receive assistance from a tutor headquartered in New York.


Choose a specialty: Students seek a tutor who can address their unique needs. Select an area of specialization (ACT, SAT, etc.) and student demographic (high school, college, etc.) to specialize in.

Make individualized learning strategies for each student. Your task is to ascertain your pupils’ unique learning preferences, objectives, and difficulties so that you may design a customized learning strategy to support their success.

Are You the One for This?

  • Do you possess a unique skill set that is in demand, or have you achieved something that others aspire to achieve? People will then pay you to assist them in doing it.
  • To be a good teacher, you should not just enjoy teaching.
  • Be patient with students while they try to understand new concepts.

Where to Look for Work

  • Upwork
  • Indeed.com
  • VIPKid
  • Become a member of online tutoring services like Classgap or Arborbridge.
  1. Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant remote jobs in 2023

Virtual Assistant, remote jobs

Pay Scale: $10 to $35 an hour.

Required education and experience

Diploma from high school. Some companies could favour a bachelor’s degree, an associate degree, or experience in the responsibilities you’re given.

Position Description

  • A virtual assistant remote jobs or another remote place to serve people and organizations. Making your clients’ lives easier is the core purpose of your work.
  • The services that VAs offer might be very different depending on the client’s needs, willingness to do the work, and skill level.
  • Services may include scheduling, data input, social media management, bookkeeping, and more. A VA can perform almost any task that can be Remote jobs.
  • Virtual assistants can be paid a flat cost for completing a predetermined list of duties or by the hour. You and the client must agree on what you will perform and how you will be compensated.
  • You’ll need a computer, a business email address, and a video conferencing program like Skype or Zoom to start working as a VA.
  • VA Remote jobs are excellent for people looking for full- or part-time employment. You can get to work right now on any projects you feel comfortable working on.


  • Choose a specialization: Clients are more likely to hire you for Remote jobs if you demonstrate experience handling particular tasks.
  • Offer sophisticated services: You can charge more for your services if they need more skill.
  • Maintain a positive reputation: A VA’s reputation can make or break their career. At all costs, guard yours.

Are You the One for This?

Computer and internet skills are essential for most of the remote jobs that VAs do. You ought to be familiar with both.

Communication skills are essential for Remote jobs because you’ll be helping someone run their business, so it’s critical to keep in touch and inform them of developments.

Maintaining organization is essential, especially if you provide several services and engage with many clientele.

Where to Look for Work

  • Upwork
  • Freelancer.com
  • LinkedIn
  • Join online service providers like Boldly.

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